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Living and working in Spain with a Swedish contract


I have been offered a termporary job for the next 8 months working from pain taking care of a Swedish disabled girl. The contract would be swedish, and hence I would like to know which coverage I'd be entitled to as my residence would remain in Spain. Would the spanish social security cover me? Would I need to pay for any expenses and then ask for reimbursment? and what about unemployement benefits? Is there a way I can ask to be covered by the spanish legislation even if my contract is swedish?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. According to the European Regulations, the country where you physically carry out your work determines which law should apply for you. This means that even if your contract is Swedish you can still protect your social insurance coverage in Spain.

    If you need further information regarding your other questions, kindly contact the responsible agencies in Spain.

    Best regards,

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