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Where can I get the certificate of how many days of parentel benefit I've used in the UK?

Where to get evidence of UK parental leave already taken? (Original title)

Hello there
We moved to Sweden from the UK about a month ago; my wife is Swedish so for her it's a homecoming.

We have all registered successfully with Skatteverket but have been told that registration with Forsakringskassan may take a lot longer.  There is some urgency about this because we're expecting our second child at the beginning of July and our first child is at nursery age.

Your helpful staff member at Kungsholmen told us that this process can be helped along if we were able to get a summary of the parental benefits we received for our first child in the UK, and evidence that we're no longer receiving any more in the UK.  However, none of the staff at Kungsholmen could give us any idea of which UK department they normally receive this information from.

We have tried contacting Revenue and Customs in the UK, as well as the Department for Work and Pensions.  Neither knew what we were talking about.

Would you be able to let us know which department in the UK that you normally contact to source the required paperwork, so we can do it ourselves and hopefully hasten the process a little?

Many thanks



  • Hello!

    You can start by sending the application for parental benefits to Försäkringskassan. Then the case officer who will be assigned to your case will inform you about which documents that we need and from where you can get them.

    However, if you have more questions about your specific case, please contact our customer center by calling telephone number 0771 524524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

    For more information please visit our webpage

    Best regards,
  • Thanks for the reply.
    We've already sent the application, we sent it a few weeks ago.  I'm contacting you because none of the Forsakringskassan staff we spoke to at Kungsholmen knew the answer to our question about which department at the UK government we should ask.
     for evidence.

    They tell me that they rarely need to contact the UK for this paperwork so not every Forsakringskassan case officer is familiar with the UK process.  But perhaps you can ask somebody who is and let me know the answer?

    Many thanks

  • Hi;

    Unfortunately we cannot answer questions regarding foreign agencies. The British social insurance agency that pays out parental benefit in the UK should produce a certificate showing how much they have paid out for your children.

    If you are not able to get such a certificate from UK institutions you can call us on 0771-524 524 to inform us so that your case officer contacts them to ask for the certificate instead.

    Best regards;
  • In case anybody else is currently stuck with this, I've found a link to the HMRC that might be of some help:  It can take up to 15 days to process; I've just submitted a request and once it arrives I'll be able to find out if it fits the Swedish requirements.
  • I thought I'd add a helpful note here that P60 normally has a box for Maternity, Paternity and Shared Parental Leave Pay. Maybe that will e helpful. Also in my case SMP was explicitly mentioned on payslips when it was being paid so I might attach these if that would be required I suppose.

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