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What is a procedure when you go on 2 sick leaves a few days apart?

I had been on sick leave 2 times a 5 days apart (including weekend and red day)
My questions is
1)I was informed by my doctor that a new period started , because the end
of my first sick leave and begining of my second sick leave is 5 days
But my employer informed me that its needed a 5 work days to pass untill
the new period started and informed forsakringskassan that I have been sick.
So which one is true 5 days or 5 work days?


  • Hello!

    If you are employed and after the first sick period you come back to work but become sick again within 5 calendar days then we still consider it one long sick period. In such case you can skip the qualifying period (karensdag) and receive sick pay right from the first day. Your employer does not have to make a notification (sjukanmälan), it is enough that you do it yourself on our website here and mark option called "Anställd utan sjuklön, uppdragstagare" which means that the employer will not be paying out that first 14 days of the sick period because it is considered one long period instead of two separate ones. The new document from the doctor is required from the 8th day from day when you became sick again.

    In a situation when you are employed and after the first sick period you come back to work and you are healthy 5 or more calender days then when you become sick again the new sickness period starts and the employer must make a new notification. Moreover, you do not receive payment for the first day on sickness (karensdag) in that new period. The document from the doctor is required from 8th day of the new sickness period.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Specialist

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