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Waiting time for being registered at Försäkringskassan and right to parental leave


I found out a bit late that I am not really registered at Försäkringskassan, and I am pregnant and due to December. I filled in the form today but I was told that it can take 3 to 6 months for it to be processed.

Can I still send my pregnancy certificate while I wait?

Can I accelerate the process somehow if I am pregnant?

What will happen if I deliver the baby before my registration is accepted? Will I lose the right for paid parental leave (I read that I need to apply for parental leave max.10 days after the delivery)?

Thank you in advance.


  • Hello Larissa,

    Thank you for your post. Answers to your questions are as follows:

    • Yes, you can send your pregnancy certificate while you wait.
    • Once we register the pregnancy certificate, you will also be able to apply for the parental benefit online (if you already know from which period you will take your parental leave). Applying for the parental benefit can be a way of accelerating the process. You can find more information on the application process here.
    • Even if you deliver the baby before the registration process is finalized, there is a possibility that you would be entitled to get the benefit retroactively, as the registration would be back-dated if you are going to be covered by the Swedish social insurance in retrospective.
    • The information about applying for parental leave max. 10 days after delivery seems incorrect. We kindly refer you to read general information on how parental benefits work by clicking on the link we have provided in point (•) 2. 

    Kind regards,

    Semir Administrative officer

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