I am an immigrant and having only 2 years temporary residence permit with my 6 year old child. I am married now with a swedish citizen. My first born is not a child of my husband. I applied for underhållstöd last week thru my mina sidor. There are some informations that försäkringskassan need about the other parent but the bad thing is i dont know the whereabouts of him since he didnt contacted me anylonger since i gave birth to my child. I dont know where he lives or is he alive or what. I just put his name on the application. Even on the legal documents especially the birth certificate of my child, his name does not appear. So i have the full custody of my child. I never received any money from him since my child was born. My question is. How can i be able to justify everything just incase försäkringskassan ask me for papers. What papers should i give to prove that i am a single parent? But i applied to it anyways and passed my application to fk. Furthermore, i want to ask if how many months can i get retroactively from underhållstöd in case it will be approved? Thank you very much.


  • Hello,

    Maintenance support (Underhållsstöd) can be paid only for up to one month before you have submitted us your application.

    When you have already sent us the application and you would like to know what is the status of it and which other documents we would still need in order for you to get it, contact our Customer Center on 0771 524 524 (press 8 for English line).

    Best regards,
  • Hello. I applied underhållstöd by march and talked to my case officer that it will be granted soon. She just need the confirmation about my case at familjerätten. If it will be granted this month of may, how can i apply for the 1 month retroactive payment? Since i have read that i can take out  just one month before the underhållstöd has been granted. Will it be automatically paid off including the month that i have applied for it or should i apply or inform försäkringskassan that i want to take it out? Thank you very much.
  • Hello,

    If it is a new born child, you can get Maintenace support (Underhållsstöd) earliest one month after your child was born and got personal number.

    You can get a one month retroactive payment, as long as the right to Underhållsstöd one month before your application existed. In order to check if you are eligible for that, please contact your case officer.

    Best regards,

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