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Temporary contract and parental leave (original headline)
Hello, I am employed from 1st of July 2019, and my contract expires in August 2020.
Will I be entitled for parental allowance, based on income if the estimated delivery time is 5th of October 2020?

Thank you in advance,


  • Hello Sofie,
    thank you for your post.
    Parental benefit that is based on your income is called parental benefit at sickness benefit level. To receive parental benefit at sickness benefit level, you must have had an annual income of at least SEK 82,100 for at least 240 consecutive days before the estimated delivery date.
    If you worked 6 months or more before you became unemployed, it suffices if you registered with the Public Employment Service within three months after you became unemployed.
    You can read more about parental benefit ​here​​​
    Kind regards,
    Fredrik Administrative officer

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