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Tax payer but have co ordination number.want to know do i still have to pay for healthcare.

Hi i am working here in sweden for about 3 year and paying taxes but i have co ordination no .but i am socially insured my quesrion is i am pregnant right now and within 10 days i have my due.considering the fact that i am tax payer for last 3 years do i still have to pay the healthcare bills in maternity ward?
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  • Hello Fahria!
    Thank you for your post.
    You can read about what applies to your situation ​here​​​

    Kind regards,
    Fredrik Administrative officer
  • Hi again but recently I have applied for residence permit extension and waiting for the desicion. Am i still eligeble to get healthcare for free? For your information I am continuing my job and paying taxes accordingly.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your questions!

    Since it is a public forum, it is difficult for us to answer to questions regarding specific cases. We therefore recommend that you call our Customer Service for further questions. Our telephone number is 0771 524524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

    Best regards,
    Hazan Administrative officer
  • Thanks I have applied for certificate for getting free medical care as I work here and paying taxes.but I am not sure how long they will take to give me the certificate? For your information vardcentral has already started to charge which is very high? What do you suggest me to do now? Logically I should not be paying as taxes are being deducted from my salary account every month.and what should I do to get the certificate as soon as possible?
  • Hello Fahria,
    thank you for your post.
    There is no such thing as free medical care in Sweden. County council (Landstinget) is responsible for the healthcare in Sweden.
    To find more information about Swedish Healthcare please click ​​here​​​
    Kind regards,
    Fredrik Administrative officer

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