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Swedish resident employed by another EU country and parental leave in Sweden

I am a resident in Sweden since July 2019 but I am currently employed by the Spanish public employer “Spanish National Research Council” (CSIC) on a fixed-term research contract until August 2023. I pay taxes and social insurance in Spain and Skatteverket are currently investigating my tax and social security obligation in Sweden for 2020. Previously, I was working as a researcher at a Swedish University (paying income tax) for 13 months until 30th Sept 2020.

My husband is a resident in Sweden since June 2019 and has been employed in Copenhagen during this time.

I am due to give birth in November 2021 (in Sweden) and we will take our parental leave in Sweden. I believe I am covered by the Spanish social security (and my husband is covered by the Danish social security system), and Spain offer 16-weeks 100% paid parental leave. However, I intend to take unpaid time off work to extend my parental leave time (approximately 2 or 3 months more time) and remain in Sweden during this time. Am I entitled to any basic allowance during my unpaid parental leave in Sweden? Furthermore, are there child benefits we are entitled to in Sweden?


  • Hello Georgina,

    Thank you for your post. In order to be entitled to get parental benefit from Försäkringskassan, it is required that you are covered by the Swedish social insurance. Whether you would be entitled to be covered by the Swedish social Insurance depends not only on your residence situation, but it depends also on your working situation (if you are working remotely from Sweden full-time, for example). In order to give you proper answers on the questions that you have asked and guide you accordingly, we would need to see how your situation is registered on our system. Please call 0771 524 524 between 8:00 and 15:00 from Monday to Friday so that we can help you. Press #8 for English.
    Child benefit is an EU family benefit. Therefore, if the other parent works in Denmark, the child allowance will be coordinated with Denmark. This may mean that Denmark will primarily pay child benefit for your child, but we will have to investigate first in order to determine which country will be the primary responsible country that pays it. Please contact us when the child is born, so that we can start reviewing your case.

    Kind regards,

    Semir Administrative officer

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