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Can I use my parental days at the same time I study SFI?

Study while have parental leave (Original title)

Hi good day..
I just wanna ask IF i am allowed to go SFI during my parental leave?  .. I think i have monday-saturday on my parental leave.. Me and my husband thinking IF i can still go by distance in SFI like twice a week for 3 hours , only when my husband is off to work.. Coz when we went to SFI for inskrivning and we mentioned that i applied for parental leave they said i should ask försäkringskassan first IF its OK.. IF its OK i will start april 10 in SFI and i just recieved money from försäkringskassan march 8 .. Am i not gonna violate any rules IF i go to SFI?  .. Tack..


  • Hello,

    You are allowed to go for a distance SFI course during your parental leave regardless of the level of parental benefits you are getting.

    When you would like to join the SFI course in a classroom there are different rules which apply.

    When you are receiving parental benefits on basic (250 kr/day) or minimum (180kr/day) level, you are eligible for full parental benefit if you are joining the SFI classroom course for no longer than 7 hours a day.

    When you are receiving parental benefits based on the 80% of your salary, then you are not allowed to join a SFI classroom course. This means that when you take the full parental benefit based on your salary, you need to be together with your child the whole day.

    Best regards,
  • Thank you for  the answer.. Now i know i can go to SFI this april at least twice a week.. One more question.. What is doubleday in parental leave?  ..
  • Hello,

    Until your child is one year old, both you and the other parent can receive parental benefit for the same days. These days are called double days.

    You can take up to 30 double days. Keep in mind that double days do not give you any extra days of parental benefit. In other words, you take a total of two days when both of you are home at the same time. After your child’s first birthday, only one of you can receive parental benefit at a time.

    To take double days, both you and the other parent must apply for the same date, compensation level and Child.

    Best regards,

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