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Is a doctor's certificate required to get disease carrier's benefit?

Smittbärarpenning (original headline)
So, in relation to the covid-19 virus and the government advising everyone to stay home even with mild symptoms, do you still require a doctors note to approve "smittbärarpenning"? (Since that must be the correct form to apply, not sick leave unless you're actually too sick to work)

If you still do require a doctors note, are you saying that every potential covid-19 carrier should visit a public doctors office, or how do you propose that people should do?
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  • Hello,
    thank you for your post.
    Yes, a doctor's certificate is required to get disease carrier allowance. For more information, please visit the website ​here​​​
    If you have more questions regarding covid-19, you can call 113 13 or visit the website
    Kind regards,
    Fredrik Administrative officer

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