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Is it possible to have parental benefit if I haven't had any income?

Sjukpenninggrundande inkomst och föraldrapenning (Original title)

Hi team,
I want to ask SGI and Parental allowance(Föräldrapenning).

My wife, unemployed in Sweden and taking care of 1 year old daughter, applied for her first parental leave for 27 days at a sickness benefit level.

After submitting application electronically, Today we received the conclusion(Beslut) from Försäkringskassan that she is not entitled to get a sickness benefit level because she has no income.

In this case, how does she have to do to get parental benefits at a the basic level [grundnivå] ? On the application menu(Föräldrapenning), there's only two alternatives, Sickness level and minimum level [lägstanivå]. Is it paid at the basic level, 250kr per day, automatically without any correction or re-application?

Thank you in advance for your help!!


  • Hello!

    Yes, that is correct. When we make a decision that the yearly income (SGI) is zero, then we will automatically pay out parental benefit days on S-level (the sickness benefit level) on a basic level, that is 250 SEK per day before tax.

    Your wife does not have to send us a new application.

    When the SGI decision has been made and everything else is correct then she can log in to our website Mina sidor and check the preliminary payments of parental benefit.

    Best regards,
    Natalia Specialist
  • Hi,

    We moved here in sweden after my kid turned 1 year old. We got 200 days of benefit. Now I have applied for parental benefit. I am employed here in sweden with full time job.

    But I have got decision on parental benefit at minimum level that is 250kr/day though as per my salary I should have got maximum benefit.

    Please advice.
    Nitesh Mittal
  • Hello!

    Thank you for your post. The general rule is if you have worked for less than 240 consecutive days before the child is born, you will receive SEK 250 per day at the sickness benefit level during the first 180 days that are taken out for the child.
    Once, the other parent or you have taken 180 parental benefit days together, you will receive parental benefit which is based on your income. You can read more about parental benefit here.

    Best regards,
    Tighisti Administrative officer

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