Sick benefits

I started to feel ill in late March and then I found myself having some mental illness problems. I became unemployed shortly before I got sick so I wouldn't be able to claim sick pay from my previous employer.
I have called to your customer hotline and she told me to register and submit an application.
I just have a question about the medical certificate there?
As I only realized I might be eligible to get the sick benefits, how do I go about the medical certificates which I saw the doctor few months back?


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. Usually medical certificates are sent electronically by the doctors to our system. Therefore, we recommend you to contact our customer center by calling to 0771 524 524 (for english press 8) to get reply to your question.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday - Friday 8.00 am - 3.00 pm

    Best regards,

    Adem Administrative officer

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