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What happens if I need to visit a doctor and do not have a personal security number?

What happens if I get sick and need to visit the doctor before I get a personal-id number? (Original title)

Good evening,

I understand that I need to have the personal numer from Skatteverket - this takes up to 18 weeks currently.

What do I do in this applying period when I need to see a doctor or there happens an emergency (hospital).



  • Hello Adel,

    Thank you for your post! If a situation as such occurs, we kindly advise you to inquire the clinic/hospital if you are going to be entitled to be reimbursed, if you are later on (when you get your personal id number) going to be able to prove to them with your personal identification number that you have been registered in the Public registration (folkbokförd) from a retroactive period. This is of course, if you have been charged extra because of the fact that you didn't have a personal identification number during your visit.

    Kind regards,

    Semir Administrative officer
  • Please may I have email address that I can write forsakringskassan
  • Hello Kaybee!

    Thank you for your question. The e-mail address that you can contact Försäkringskassan is:-

    Best regards,

    Adem Administrative officer

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