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SGI protection working change

Hi, I am currently working 50% and on 50% parental leave Mon- Fri. This week, however, I will have to work 2 full days (thurs- fri.). I removed them from my parental leave calendar in Mina Sidor, so there are now three 1/2 days of parental leave, but want to ensure that my SGI will remain the same (since my daughter is over 2).

How will the case officer know that I was working those two full days? I remember in previous applications being asked whether non-leave days were work, sick, or vacation related, but didn’t see this question this time.

Also, where can I find a full list of what constitutes sgi protection? The SGI guide online only says “for example, if you are sick”, but what about other types of leave from work?


  • Hi;

    If there are questions regarding your SGI protection the case officer may have to contact you and/or your employer for information about what you do on the time that you are not receiving parental benefit. If you are unsure about your latest application and want to check it or add information, you can call on 0771-524 524 (choice '8' for English) to do so.

    The general rule when you are working part-time is that between your work and parental benefit you should cover the same number of hours per week as when you worked full-time. There is more information in this page. You can also protect your SGI if you are on parental leave or temporary parental leave, or if you are looking for work with Arbetsförmedlingen, or if you are receiving sick benefit. In some cases it is also possible to protect your SGI if you study, for example if you receive student support for your studies or if you study within your area of work.

    Best regards;
  • Hi,
    If someone is working full time since years but then get 75 consecutive days tjänstledig, will his/her SGI remain protected?
  • Hello,

    Generally speaking the SGI is protected for 3 months after you stop working. Before the three months are up you should start activelly protect the SGI by for example registration with Swedish Unemployment Agency ((Arbetsförmedlingen) as a job seeker.

    Best Regards,

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