Income from abroad and SGI

Before I came to Sweden I worked in another country. Can my income from that country be taken under consideration when calculating my Sick Benefit Qualifying Income (SGI)?

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  • Hi,

    Your income can be taken under consideration if it was an income from another EU, EEA country or Switzerland and if you managed to protect it. Protection of income means that after your last day of employment in that country you started to work or study, registered yourself as jobseeker or claimed a work related benefit, such as Sick or Parental Benefit in Sweden.

    Best regards,

  • Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am thinking about accept an Germany Company offer. but I don't want stop my Sweden social security and ITP plan. Is it possible that the Germany Company buy the Sweden social security insurance for me?
    If yes, the insurance benefit and cost willbe the same as the time when i was  employed by Swedish Company?
    I am Swedish.

    Looking forward to your reply. thanks alot.

  • Hello;

    The basic rule of social insurance is that you have your social insurance in the country where you work. This means that if you are employed in Germany by a German company, you will have your social insurance in that country and not in Sweden. This rule applies regardless of your nationality.

    The only exceptions are if you are for example hired by a Swedish company but then posted to Germany for a limited period of time, or if you work in several countries at the same time. But otherwise if you work in Germany, the general rule is that you will enter the German social security system and leave the Swedish one.

    Best regards;
  • Should my income be from outside EU, an EEA country or
    Switzerland, while I
    am considered a tax paying resident in Sweden and am receiving that income
    before I become unemployed, can I then attempt to protect it?

  • Hello,

    If you have income outside EU/EEA countries or Switzerland then your income is not taken under consideration and it is not possible to protect it.

    Best regards

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