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Restrospective Dental Care benefit


I moved to Sweden in mid-2017 and need some dental care in June 2018. While trying to book an appointment I was informed that I was not registered with Försäkringskassan even though I had registered when I had moved.

I reapplied for the dental benefit but received a letter saying the queue is long and my application would take upto 10 months to process. Since the pain was getting worse, I had the treatment done and ended up paying more than 6000 sek.

Later, I received confirmation of registration with Försäkringskassan and contacted the helpdesk regarding my situation if I could claim the high cost protection for the treatment now that I'm registered but did not get a proper response.

Is it possible to do so?


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. You need to request the high cost compensation from your dentist not from Försäkringskassan. Försäkringskassan sends you a message when registratoin is finished to inform you if you were entitled to get compensations for dental care. Then you are supposed to visit your dentist and agree on how you can get your compensations (for example: if you can get your money paid back or if you want it to be deducted from the coming appointments).

    If you have further questions related to your specific case you can contact our customer center by calling 0771 524 524.

    Best regards,

    Adem Administrative officer

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