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Registering for Forsakringkassan

We have recently moved to Sweden from Germany, we are UK nationals and as such are (no longer 🙁 ) EU members.
We have just received our personnummers and I have previously read that we should now register for Forsakringkassan, but I cannot find anywhere to do this (we don't have ID to use the online system yet). I have also just read this passage:
'If you move to Sweden together with children under the age of 16, Försäkringskassan will contact you once you are registered in the Swedish National Population Register. We do this to investigate whether you and your children should be insured here and thereby eligible for child allowance.'

Does this mean it is no longer necessary to register with Forsakringkassan? We moved with 2 children under 16 years old, so we should be expecting Forsakringkassan to automatically contact us now we have our personnummers to check if we qualify or not and also for child allowance/benefit?

Tack så mycket


  • Hello Dani,

    It is still necessary to register to Försäkringskassan in order to start receiving child allowance.

    Once Försäkringskassan gets information about that you are registered in the National Population Register, we send out a letter informing about the Försäkringskassan registration process. However, you do not need to wait for the letter and can already submit the registration form to us.

    If you do not have a Bank-ID and are unable to use the online services, you can instead print out a paper form to submit your registration information.
    Link to the form: 5456 Registration information - required to obtain social insurance coverage.

    Best regards,
  • Thank you. Is it possible to email this form and required supporting documents or does it have to be posted? If it has to be posted could you confirm the address for me (If it makes a difference we are in Malmö)?

  • Hello again,

    You can send in the form together with the required documents via post to the following adress:
    Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral
    839 88 Östersund.


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