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I'm currently pregnant starting my second trimester. I'm employed by Karolinska Institute in Sweden but working abroad. I have three questions:
1. I'd like to register my pregnancy, is there any ways other than mails? can I send the documents from online rather than posts?
2. Would the pregnancy certificate from US doctor's work as well? Does it have to be a certificate issued by a Swedish primary care?
3. How early in advance should I do the registration?

I'm asking these questions because I'm still working in the US and couldn't come back until my third trimester starts. I get all the physical exams in the US. I wonder if there is a time limit for me to file in everything? If there is, I would send a mail from US now; if not, I would just do the registration after coming back to Sweden.
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  • Hello,

    To register your pregnancy I would recommend sending a certificate of pregnancy via email to

    You can find more information here about parental leave benefit before the child is born.

    You can find answer to your questions in these previous threads: here and here.

    Please be aware that you need to be socially insured in Sweden to have the right to parental benefit from Försäkringskassan. You are normally socially insured in Sweden if you work or live here, but if you are send to another country by a Swedish employer you can in some cases be insured. If you are not sure about your situation, please call us on 0771-524 524 (choice '8' for English) so we can check in the system.

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