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Is my income protected before birth of child?

Income protection before baby's birth (Original title)

Hi, I have a question regarding föräldrarpenning. Currently I have one child and have been working 70% for the last few years. I am pregnant with my 2nd child and my expected förlossning date is 12th April 2018. From this month (January) I want to reduce my working hours to 50% and work until end of March 2018. I would like to know when I go to my föräldrarledighet from April based on which salary level will be my föräldrarpenning be calculated? Will it be based on my salary when I work 50% or 70%? Please help. thanks.


  • Hi;

    Your income is protected when there are less than six months left until they baby's due date. This means that if you reduce your working time during this period, we can still base your parental benefit payments on the salary you had before you reduced your working time.

    You can find more information about this on the following link. The questions at the bottom may help in your case:

    Parental benefits before the child is born.

    Best regards

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