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Question about vab payment and child support

I have two questions.
1. In the beginning of November I applied for vab for my child because I stayed home with her. It says on your website that if I apply before the 15th then I get the money on the 25th of the month. I applied in time and still I have not recieved the money yet and it is the 27th.
2. Me and my husband sent in papers regarding child support and maternity leave some time ago, but we still a) don't know how much maternity/faternity leave we have left, and b) have not recieved child support. Do you know when this happens? Is it possible to apply for maternity/faternity leave even if we don't know how many days we have left?

Mvh Kolfinna Snæbjarnardóttir


  • Hi Kolfinna;

    1) When it comes to VAB and parental leave, you can get paid on the 25th of the month if you submit your application before the 15th, as long as we do not require further information. If we are processing your registration with Försäkringskassan or have to calculate your qualifying income, the process will take longer than that.

    2) You can apply for parental leave even if you do not know how many days you have left. If you have taken out days in another country and send us information on how many days you took out, you will then receive a letter confirming how many days you have left in Sweden.

    If you apply for more parental leave days than you have left, then we may accept your application partially, so that you get paid until the days run out.

    If you log in to Mina Sidor and check under 'Mina ärenden' ("my cases") you may see how things are going in your cases. If the information on there is not clear you may call us on 0771-524 524 and we will check to see how it is going.

    Best regards;
  • I have applied for Vab in september ( we are now end of november) and i didn’t get the money from FS! What’s hindering my process? MvH Ana
  • Hello,

    On this forum we can only answer general questions. To help you in your specific situation we need more information from you. It would be best if you called us on 0771 524 524 (press 8 for English).

    Best regards,

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