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question about parental benefit

my 15month child is going to daycare 31th may, and i haven't worked here since i came here (last Feb) and also don't have any plan for a job. yesterday i got a mail that i can't use sickness level because i didn't have  income here. these are my questions.
1) do i need to change level that i made plan already? i made a plan (5/4-5/30) and checked sickness level.
2) after my child goes to daycare, is that possible to get parental benefit? i heard that if i stay at home with child at least 1 hour, i can get full benefit. then from 8 to 4, if i stay at home with child only a hour, can i get full? and how can i prove that?
3)i heard that i will get 250kr a day for parental benefit cuz i don't have a job and don't have a income. is that right? (i never have a job here) and is there any difference between weekday and weekend of parental benefit?


  • Hello,

    Since this is a public forum, I can only answer your questions based on the infromation you have given in this post. If you would like to receive information regarding your case, it is best if you call our support on: 0771 524 524 (press 8 for English).

    Parental benefit has three different compensation levels. One level is based on the size of your income, while the other two levels pay you a fixed amount per day.

    The sickness benefit level [sjukpenningnivå] is based on your sickness benefit qualifying income. It applies to you when you have a job and income. On the parental benefit application you mark the day with S or sjukpenningnivå.

    The second compensation level, referred to as the basic level [grundnivå], is SEK 250 per day. You are eligible for the basic level if you have had little or no income. On the parental benefit application you mark the day with S or sjukpenningnivå.

    The third compensation level, referred to as the minimum level [lägstanivå], lasts for 90 days. The minimum level is SEK 180 per day. On the parental benefit application you mark the day with L or lägstanivå.

    You are eligible for full parental benefit at the basic [grundnivå], or minimum [lägstanivå] level if your child is at the day care for no longer than 7 hours a day. Meaning that if your child starts the day care at 8.00, at 15.00 you need to pick up the child. We make random check-ups of how much your child was at the day care. We then take the direct contact with the day care.

    When you are applying for basic or minimum level, there are no differences if you apply for weekday or weekend. The most important is that you take care of your child and your child does not spend more than 7 hours in a day care. The same applies to you. If you for example have any courses, you are not allowed to spend there more than 7 hours /day.

    Best regards,

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