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Can I stay socially insured in Sweden during short visit abroad and can I keep my benefits?

Procedure when moving outside EU for short duration (Original title=


We are Indian nationals and we have registered for forsakringskassan.
We are receiving monthly child care and parental benefits.

However, we are leaving to India and plan is to come back in 6-7 weeks time.
We haven't planned any parental in these days.

Do we need to deregister with forsakringskassan now and register again in this case?



  • Hello!

    The general rule is that if a person lives in Sweden and then goes abroad, that person is still considered living in Sweden if their stay abroad does not exceed period of 1 year. That means that if you go abroad for period of 6-7 weeks (shorter than 1 year) you do not need to deregister from Försärkingskassan.

    Please be advised that if a person starts employment abroad that rule does not apply. In those cases one has to inform Försäkringskassan about the situation as soon as possible because one should generally be covered by social insurance in the country where they are employed.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Specialist
  • OK, Thank you!

    In this case I am moving out on employement for 6-7 weeks and shall be back again. So as I understand I have to inform Försäkringskassan in this case.

    Is there any form available to fill and submit in this case.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello!

    You have to inform Försäkringskassan about your stay abroad if you leave Sweden to spend time abroad for 6-7 weeks and during that time:

    • you will be employed by a foreign employer to work abroad (outside of Sweden),

    • you will receive salary from that foreign employer,

    • you will pay tax in another country (not Sweden),

    • you still have your employment in Sweden and you perform work abroad for your Swedish employer.

    In that case you have to inform us about your stay in India by sending application 5459. The application is available here .

    You do NOT have to inform Försäkringskassan about your stay abroad if you leave Sweden to spend time abroad for 6-7 weeks and during that time:

    • you still have your employment in Sweden,

    • you do not start working in another country (outside of Sweden),

    • you come back to Sweden after those 6-7 weeks.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Specialist
  • Hello,

    I'm planning to visit India for <6 weeks for vacation and employed in Sweden.
    am i eligible to apply parental bebifit ?
    if My managed asked me to work for critical deliverables, then am i allowed apply parental benifit for some days and some days as working ?
  • Hello Kalan!

    Thank you for your post! In general you can appply for parental benefit and travel with your child abroad for some weeks as you mentioned above. If you are asked to work by your employer during your planned parental leave days then you can log in to your pages (Mina Sidor) and cancel the days that you have worked.

    If you have any specific individual questions we advice you to contact our customer center by calling to 0771 524 524 (For English press 8).

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00 am — 4.00 pm

    Best regards,
    Adem Administrative officer

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