Premature child

We have had a premature child, and when asked how should I assign the days the kid was under Neonatal care, I was told to assign it as VAB. I am filling the info in the website and I am having doubts on how to proceed. I have to fields to fill:
1) Tiden du vabbade
2) Tiden du skulle ha jobbat
When we asked by phone we were answered that we should fill in all the days as VAB as the kid was the whole time under Neonatal (and we have an Intig from Neonatal confirnming it). But then there have been days in between like holidays or red days (25Dec for example) in which I wouldn't have work, but I don't know if they are accounted in any case as Vab days since we did Vabbar.
How should I proceed? I have seen that I am not able to fill in 1) if 2) remains 0.



  • Hello,

    On this forum we can only answer general questions. To help you in your specific situation we need more information from you. It would be best if you called us on 0771- 524 524 (press 8 for English).

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