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Why can't the non-pregnant parent see the pregnancy certificate in "My pages"?

Pregnancy Certificate (Original title)

Hi All,
My pregnancy certificate is received by you and it is reflected in my pages  (Mina Sidor) . however , it is not reflected in my husband page (Mina Sidor ) . Please advice what is needed to be done for him to be able to apply for parental benefits ?
Thanks .
Regards ,
Nancy .


  • Hello,
    Thank you for your post.

    You husband will not able to see the certificate on his “My Pages”. It is only visible for the mothers since the mothers can begin taking out parental benefit when there are 60 days left until the estimated delivery date.

    The other parent can only be on leave with parental benefit in order to participate in parental training before the delivery. If he wants to apply for parental benefit before the child’s birth to participate in parental training then he should call the Customer Centre at 0771-524 524 to make registration for parental benefit so that he can send in an application.

    If he is not planning to join to a parental training, he will able to apply for parental benefits from the day that your child’s born when h/he has a personal number.

    Best regards,
    Özge Administrative officer

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