Physiotherapy cost abroad

I am an Erasmus Mundus student came from Belgium. (As an erasmus mundus student, I have an insurance that covers medical expense in Europe.) I had taken 10 physiotherapy sessions in Belgium before I moved to Sweden in Aug 2019.
I sent the bill to the insurance company but they said that I have now moved to Sweden and registered in S. I should claim the bills with Swedish social security eventhough I took the physiotherapy in Belgium.

please advice me how to do this.
I have a swedish personnummer andI have already recieved my Swedish ID card.


  • Hello,
    If you come to Sweden to study, you are normally insured in Belgium your home country. In spite of the fact that you have a Swedish personal number, you cannot be insured in Sweden as a foreigner student. I, therefore advise you to ask for reimbursement from your insurance agency. Here, you can read about what applies if you move to Sweden to study.

    Best regards,

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