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Parental leave with flexible working hours

I work 5 days/week (Monday to Friday) of 8 hours per day, thus a total of 40 hours per week. And I have the option of working flexible hours as required to complete the 40 hours per week.
So, I can work for example 10 hours/day Monday to Thursday (40 hours total), then I don't need to work on Friday. in that example, if I choose to have my child stay home with me and not go to the förskola on Friday, can I take that day as parenteral leave with sickness level? and can I combine it with Saturday and Sunday as parental leave?


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post.

    If you want to take 3 work free days as parental benefit on the sickness benefit level, you need to add another day as parental leave instead of work in the direct connection to those days.

    So if you rearange your work schedual that you normally work Monday - Thoursday 10 hours, Friday becomes a day free from work as weekends.

    The rule says that a work free period from 1 to 4 days cannot be taken as parental benefit on sickness benefit level without an additional day. A work free period from 5 days and more can be taken fully as parental benefit on sickness benefit level.

    Best Regards,
    Barbara Administrative officer

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