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Parental leave when working 86%

I've been working for 1 year and 4 months since last time I was home for parental leave. Soon i will have my third child. How does it work when my employer register my annual income to you? When i ask them they told me they take my monthly salary multiplied by 12. And then add all the unsocial hours payment i've worked a year back (i work in a "7-day open store"). I'm hired as a full time worker. But since a year back i only work 86% instead of 100%. My employer said that when he register my annual income he's gonna go for the 100%, full time salary. Because thats the direction he got from försäkringskassan. Is this right? I do Not get any money elsewhere. I work 86% since i have 2 kids at home under the age of 4 so i have the right to change my full time. So i just loose 14% income every month. I do not get any money from försäkringskassan, even though i have "parental leave 14%" on my salary every month. Hope you understand my explanation.
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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. Generally the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (försäkringskassan) depends on the income information that is sent from the employer. But before establishing the income försäkringskassan contacts the applicant (employee) if the employers income informations is different than the income given by the applicant. When it comes to your specific situation we recommend you to contact our customer center by calling 0771 524 524 (for english press 8).

    Our opening hours är Monday – Friday, 08:00-15:00

    Best regards,

    Adem Administrative officer

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