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Can I have parentel benefit for a child that is born abroad?

Parental leave after giving birth abroad (Original title?

I am considering the option of giving birth abroad in another EU country, as my partner is still currently working there and, as I live in a relatively isolated place in Sweden, my nearest hospital is 120km away.
I'm entitled to full parental leave in Sweden, and we intend to bring the child up here.
I was now wondering what effects a birth abroad would have on my parental leave (and benefits) as the child wouldn't automatically be registered here.
Is there a certain limit of time after the due date, that one can receive parental leave before the child needs to be registered?
Would it be for instance ok, to return to Sweden to register a 6-week old baby with Skatteverket and still be covered by parental leave for these 6 weeks (as well as the time Skatteverket takes to register the baby)?
Or would it even be sufficient to send in a birth certificate from the other country for parental leave entitlement?
I'm mostly worried about having a legitimate reason of leave from work.
Many thanks in advance.


  • Hello,

    As long as you are covered by the social insurance when you apply for parental benefit, you have the right for it even if your child has not yet received its personal number. As soon as Försäkringskassan recognizes that the due date has passed and we still do not have personal number, the payment may stop until we receive child´s personal number from Skatteverket. On Skatteverkets website here, you will find more information about how to register a child that was born abroad.

    Please call our customer support on: 0771 524 524 to receive information about parental benefit in your specific case since on a public forum, we can only give answers to general questions.

    Best regards,
  • Hello,

    I have a similar concern

    My wife and I had a baby last week in the United States. We are both registered in Sweden as residents, we both have personal numbers. We will stay in the U.S. until February, and I am taking these days off from my work in Sweden as parental leave.

    My question is how can I register my new born child in Swedish system, and how can I add the parental leave times officially? Do I need babys personal number to register to the parnetal leave?

    Skatteverket told me that I have to apply for registration of the baby in person when we get back to Sweden, which is in February.

    Is it too late then to register the parental leave?

    Please help. Thank you
  • Hello,

    You are entitled to parental benefit if you are registered at Försäkringskassan and socially covered in Sweden.

    Your new born baby needs to be registered at Skatteverket in order to receive personal number and to apply for parental benefit however you might be able to apply for parental leave before your baby receives personal number, if we have received maternity certificate or if you can send us birth certificate. In order to do so you can call our customer center for private individuals.
    It is also possible to apply for parental benefit retroactively 90 days back in time.

    In this forum we can only give general answers, but your situation may depend on several factors. Call us on 0771-524 524 for information about your specific case.

    Best regards
  • Hello,
    I called the number, they told me the same like the baby has to be registered in skatteverket first. But they did not approve applying for parental leave just by sending a birth certificate, before actual registration.
    You said it might be possible.
    Can you tell me how, please?
  • Hello,

    When you call our Customer Service, you can ask them to send you the application for parental benefit and you can fill out the form and send it to us together with the birth certificate. A case officer will then look at your case and decide if we can pay for those days before the child gets a personal number.

    If you apply for parental benefit later on in February, it is possible to apply for parental benefit retroactively 90 days back in time.

    It is important to underline that this is a public forum, and we can only give general answers to questions

    Best regards

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