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Can the 10 days be divided between two people if there is no other parent?

10 first days when there is only one parent (Original title)

Hi! Im pregnant with a donor, so there is no other patent who can take the 10 days after delivery. Can I give these days to more than one person? For example 5 to my mums and 5 to a friend? And can they use these days to be with me during my delivery or is it only afterwards? Thank you in advance!


  • Hello,

    If there is no other parent that could have his/hers own right to those days somebody else can take those days (a family member or a friend) and it is fully possible to divide those days between different persons.

    Those days are avaible to take during the first 60 days from the day that the child was born or from the day that you and the child came back home from the hospital.

    Best Regards,
    Barbara Administrative officer

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