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Parental Benefits while kids are going to preschool

I have two kids going to preschool, younger one has just started. Both the kids are registered for full time (heltid). Can I apply for Parental Benefit for a quarter day (2hrs per day), even if the kids are registered for full time and going to preschool every weekday.
Reason is that between drop and pickup, I have 8 hours, I can only work 6 hours in this period, 2 hours goes in commuting to and from office. At the moment my partner can't support in drop and pickup as she is focusing on her studies and finding a job.

Thank you

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  • Hello Sama,

    Yes, you can. But the rules vary slightly depending on whether you want to use days at the sickness benefit level or at the minimum level.

    In some cases, you can take out parental benefit at the sickness benefit level
    The general rule is that you can only receive parental benefit for the time you are in close proximity to the child. Parental benefits can be paid out as full compensation (100 per cent), three-quarters compensation (75 per cent), half compensation (50 per cent), one-quarter compensation (25 per cent) or one-eighth compensation (12.5 per cent).

    This means, for example, that you can work 75 per cent (6 hours) and take out parental benefit for 25 per cent (2 hours).

    You can take out parental benefit days at the minimum level
    If you are with the child at preschool for more than one-eighth of the working day, you can take a full day of parental benefit at the minimum level. However, you can only take out days at the minimum level if you have already taken out 180 days at the sickness benefit level.

    Best regards

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