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Is it possible to receive parental and child benefits if you stay in a country outside of EU?

Parental Benefits outside EU (Original title)

Dear Respected Officer!

I have two children age 7 years and 2 years. All my family is register with Skatteverket and Forskakringskassan. They have valid residence permit for 2 years. My childern and wife are going back in a country outside EU(Pakistan) for 1 year. My wife is not doing any job in homeland. Can we get the parental benefits like barn bidrag, mama ladding and papa ladding?


  • Hi Asif,

    If your wife is moving out of Sweden with the children she needs to send us application 5459 Uppgifter vid flyttning till eller arbete i ett annat land. You can find the form here.

    On the application 5459 you can mark if she is taking parental benefit from Sweden. The case officer working on the case, concerning her insurance in Sweden, will make a decision if she will be eligible to still be covered by social Insurance and recieve Child allowance and parental benefits.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Francisco!
    I called on the help line and I was informed that I can take parental benefits and barnbidrag upto one year. Can you please explain this or please send me the rule describing this situation.
    I shall be grateful to you.

  • Hi Asif,

    The rules concering this matter is complicated and is determined on individual basis,  therefore you always have to send the application 5459 when you are moving out of Sweden to a country outside the EU and are recieving Child allowance (Barnbidrag) and Parental Benefit (Föräldrapenning). The case officer will decide if you still will be eligible to recieve both and for how long.

    Best regards,

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