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Parental benefits application - 'Välj Anledning' field

Hi ,
I am expecting a baby at the end of February and have applied for parental benefits at the beginning of Feburary. However, when I was applying in the 'Välj Anledning' field I could only find the following options:
Ta hand om barn
Besok i forskola mm
Ta hand om barn dubbeldag
I am not sure what option should be chosen. I have chosen option 'Gravidtet' for now since my child is yet to be born. My questions are:

  1. Have I chosen the correct reason ? If not what is the option I should choose in the 'Välj Anledning' field and should I modify my application?
  2. Once my child is born what is the option I should choose to apply parental benefits?(S-Level or L-level)


  • Hello,

    When you apply for parental benefits you always have to choose a reason why you want to apply. If your estimated date of delivery is in the end of February and it is marked on the calendar in the system, you chose Graviditet (Pregnancy) as the reason for applying for the days that you want to take up until that preliminary date of delivery. Starting with the preliminary date of delivery, the reason that you choose to apply for parental benefits should be Ta hand om barn (Taking care of the child). If there is another reason, you should choose accordingly.

    If the child is born before or after the estimated date of birth you do not have to change your application. The rule is that we still accept the estimated date that is given on the certificate from the doctor as the date when the child is born to avoid unnecessary trouble for parents thinking they need to change the application.

    In addition, when you fill out the application no matter if you apply for days before the child is born or after, you always have to choose which level you are going to apply for. The general rule is that the first 180 days taken for a child must be on Sjukpenningnivå (S-level). If you are employed now and have been for 8 months before the child was born, you should have right to days on S-level with payment based on your income. If you have never been employed or were for a period shorter than 8 months before the child was born then you might be receiving days on S-level with basic payment which is 250 kr per day before tax.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Administrative officer

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