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Parental Benefit for Swedish Child born abroad


My husband is Swedish (living in Sweden) and I am a Filipino citizen (currently in the Philippines) with a Swedish residence permit valid until Oct 2019.

I gave birth to a baby girl in 8 January 2018 in the Philippines, where my OB doctor is. Both my baby and I are still in the Philippines now. My husband is in Sweden working but visits us in the Philippines every other month or so.

Due to conflicting information, we have not yet been able to obtain a Swedish passport for our child. She currently has a Filipino passport, but we recently found out from the Swedish Embassy in Manila that she needs a Swedish passport to gain entry into Sweden. In order to get her a Swedish passport in the Philippines, we need to apply for a Summorning (?) number, which will take 2-3 months to process.

At the same time, my husband has not yet taken parental leave from the 460 days. He has only taken the 10 days leave after the birth of our child.

I would like to ask:

(1) Could my husband apply / take out days from the 460 days and be with us in the Philippines while we apply and wait for our child's summorning (?) number and passport? I read other threads in the forum, which says a Swedish parent on a case-to-case basis may sometimes be able to take parental leave in a non-EU country for a period less than 6 months.

(2) If it is possible, could he apply for it, if our child is still in the Philippines and has not yet entered Sweden? What documents would he need to apply - will we need to submit our child's summorning (?) number and PH or SW passport (once available) and our marriage contract?  

(3) Will we still be able to obtain the 460 day parental leave between my husband and I, given our child was born in January and it is already 6 months passed? Due to my giving birth in the Philippines, I had to resign from my work in Singapore last November so I was not able to receive any maternity benefits; I understand that my husband has not yet taken out any of the 460 days either (his understanding is that our child needs to be present in Sweden for him to be eligible for this).

(4) If we are able to still take out 460 days, will it be retroactive from Jan 2018, or it will start from the time it is approved?

Thank you very much, look forward to hearing from you.


PS - I am not sure if "Summorning" Number is the correct term, this is what I think I heard when I spoke with the representative of the Swedish Embassy in Manila.


  • Hello,

    In your case the father of the child can't take parental benefit from Sweden because the child is not living in Sweden or another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. He will be able to take parental benefit first when the child moves to Sweden.

    In any case when the child moves to Sweden before the first year, parents can have right to the full parental benefit of 480 days. If the child moves to Sweden from outside of EU/EEA or Switzerland when it's over 1 year old you will receive 200 days of parental benefit to share between you and your husband.

    When you move to Sweden you or your husband can apply for parental benefit no more than 90 days back in time assuming that you already had right to parental benefit for those 90 days.

    More information about parental benefit is here.

    Best Regards,

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