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Parental Benefit for Student (distance learning via a University from another EU country)


I moved in Sweden as a registered partner of my boyfriend, who work in Sweden since September 2016. We are both French and both have a personnummer.

I'm am a student registered in a French University and study via a distance learning program, therefore I am insured with a French social insurance (I have a European Health Insurance Card), but I am also registered as a permanent resident in Sweden, since I move here with my boyfriend for an unlimitted period of time.

I am pregnant and the baby due date is around January 20th.
My question is:
I am now a resident of Sweden, so what do I need to do to receive parental benefit (for a student I saw it was about SEK 7,500 a month) ?

Thank you for your help,
Best regards,


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  • Hello!

    To be able to receive payments from Försäkringskassan, one has to be registered and covered by insurance in Sweden. As a person who received a Swedish personal number and is living in Sweden you are not automatically registered in Försäkringskassan and covered by insurance in Sweden.

    To be registered you would have to send us the registration application 5456 that is available in English here and as a student you would also have to submit a certificate from France stating that you are no longer insured and covered by French social insurance. The rule is that one cannot be insured in two countries at the same time. Together with the registration application you should send an application for parental benefits. It is possible to fill out the application electronically through our website on Mina Sidor. If you have not sent us the certificate from doctor in Sweden stating that you are pregnant and what the preliminary date of delivery is, please send that document as well.

    Please be advised that if you decide to continue being covered by social insurance in France, you will not be able to registered and be covered by social insurance in Sweden.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Administrative officer

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