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Parental benefit for Migrants

Hi, I have recently received a job offer for work in Göteborg. I will be bringing my wife and two sons (1 and 3 years old) to live with me from New Zealand. We are all NZ citizens.

My wife has received paid parental leave for both children under NZ's parental leave scheme (14 weeks for the eldest, and 16 weeks for the youngest). Will we qualify for parental benefit in Sweden? Is there a change to parental benefits for migrants arriving after 1st July 2017?



  • Hello!

    The changes regarding number of parental benefit days available starting with 1 July 2017 have not been implemented yet. In May this year the Swedish government is expected to make a decision about those changes and until the decision is official, we can only provide the information about the set of rules that currently applies.

    If a family moves to Sweden and the parents have used any parental leave days in any other country outside of Sweden, those days would normally be deducted from the pool of 480 days available for each child. The days left would be free to use by parents until child's specific age limit depending on if the child has been born 2013 and earlier or 2014 and later. More information about how long one can apply for parental benefits is available in English here.

    Best regards,
    Natalia Specialist

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