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Can I have parental benefit based on previous income from another EU country?

Parental benefit based previous income abroad (Original title)

I have recently arrived in Sweden from another EU country where I was working full time. I will start working here in September and intend to apply for parental benefit for the time until I start working.
Will the benefit be based on my previous salary abroad? Which amount should I submit in the annual income field- the amount I have earned (in EUR) or the amount I will earn from September?
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  • Hello,

    After you register yourself at Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and you will receive your personal numer, you can contact Försäkringskassan in order to get registered.

    Please do send us 5456 form „Information required to obtain social insurence cover” which you can find here. Together with that form send us relevant attachments. List of those you will find just under point 11 on the form.

    The aim with registration is to check from which date you have the right to be part of the social insurance system and from which date you have the right to the parental benefit.

    Your income from another country can be taken under consideration in calculation of parental benefit if it was an income from another EU, EEA country or Switzerland and if you managed to protect it. Protection of income means that after your last day of employment in that country you started to work or study, registered yourself as jobseeker or claimed a work related benefit, such as sick or parental benefit in Sweden.

    To get more information about your specific case concering your parental leave, please contact our customer center at Telephone number 0771 524 524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line.

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