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Is it possible to combine parental days for two different children?

Parental benefit based on 80% of salary! (Original title)


My questions is about the days that I can take as parental benefit!
since now I am working full time (5 days/week), can I apply parental benefit for my second child during the week days (Monday-Friday) and applying parental benefit for my first kid during the weekends (Saturday-Sunday) on S-level ( 80% of my salary) or I should apply for my second kid from Moday-Sunady to be able to get the full parental benefit (80% of my salary)!

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  • Hello,

    You can apply for one child (Monday-Friday) and then for the second child (Saturday-Sunday) on S-level based on 80% of your salary.

    For Försäkringskassan it is important that when you want to take full parental benefit at S-level on weekend, you must also receive full parental benefit for the day before or after the weekend. The fact that you are applying for different children is not relevant for us.

    Best regards,

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