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Can I receive parentel benefit if I have been deputed to work in USA?

Parental benefit as an expat in the United States (Original title)

I live in United States as a postdoctoral associate, salary provided by Sweden (I am employed by Sweden). In the beginning of my employment, I have received a certificate of coverage from Forsakringskassan. I am expecting to have a child now but since I dont live in EU, I wasnt sure about receiving benefits for it (although I am sent here by Swedish government).
I also dont have a valid BankID, is there any other way to register that I am pregnant?
Thank you


  • Hi;

    If you are sent to the United States by a Swedish employer and still insured in Sweden, you can normally have the right to parental benefit there for a maximum of one year.

    If you are sent to the United States by the Swedish state, then there is no time limit for social insurance - as long as you are working for Sweden there, you can have the right to be socially insured here.

    To register your pregnancy I would recommend sending a certificate of pregnancy via email to

    Best regards;

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