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Parental benefit as an expat in the United States

I live in United States as a postdoctoral associate, salary provided by Sweden (I am employed by Sweden). In the beginning of my employment, I have received a certificate of coverage from Forsakringskassan. I am expecting to have a child now but since I dont live in EU, I wasnt sure about receiving benefits for it (although I am sent here by Swedish government).
I also dont have a valid BankID, is there any other way to register that I am pregnant?
Thank you


  • Hi;

    If you are sent to the United States by a Swedish employer and still insured in Sweden, you can normally have the right to parental benefit there for a maximum of one year.

    If you are sent to the United States by the Swedish state, then there is no time limit for social insurance - as long as you are working for Sweden there, you can have the right to be socially insured here.

    To register your pregnancy I would recommend sending a certificate of pregnancy via email to

    Best regards;
  • Hi Daniel
    Thank you so much
    But I was wondering more about after registering pregnancy. I dont have a BankID or Mobile BankID. It looked like there is no way to plan my parental leave after birth because there is no other way to log in to the system as much as I can see. Is it possible to log in without BankID? Because that is what I need. Or somehow plan it via mail.

  • Hello!

    You need to have an E-identification such as BankID or Mobilt BankID to be able to log into Mina sidor (My pages). However, you can call our customer service so that we can send a paper from instead. You can call +46771 524 524 (press 8 for English).
    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

    Best regards,

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