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parental benefit applications!

Could you please let me know, when should I send the pregnancy certificate to FK!
since my salary will increase every year in May, I wonder If I should I till end of May and then send the document or I can send it right away! in the other word, would my parental benefit based on the salary of last month before giving birth?? or FK will consider the average salary for a certain amount of time!??


  • Hello,

    When you will get the preganancy certificate „moderskapsintyg” from the midwife, please send it to Försäkringskassan as soon as possible. The pregancy certificate will be the registration of your parental benefit in our system but not yet the application.

    In order to apply for parental benefit, you can log in on Mina Sidor and make the online application or you can call our Support on 0771 524 524 (press 8 for English) and order the form which we can send it to your home adress.

    SGI „sjukpenningsgrundande inkomst” is usually based on your current annual income. As soon as we receive your application, we will contact your employer to check your annual income.

    If you have send us the application before with the old income details, you can still replace it when you have got the raise. In order to replace the old income details with the new ones, send us a new application with the correct income details as soon as you have them. Another alternative to report changes about your income after you have sent in your application form is to fill in the form FK5157 (Ändrad inkomst i pågående ersättningsärende) on Mina Sidor or send it in by post.

    Please keep in mind that the Parental leave can be applied retroactively, but you can only receive parental benefit for no more than 90 days back in time.

    In case you have more questions, please call us on 0771 524 524.

    Best regards,
  • Hi,

    I am on maternity leave and went into the "Ansök om, ändra och planera föräldrapenning" section when logged in and completed all the steps for Nov-Dec and signed (signerade). By signing does this mean that I applied for benefits for these 2 months, or is this section of your site only for planning?

    1. Do I need to go to another section of the site to apply (ansöka)?

    2. How does someone know if the dates filled in and signed went through to your system as an application (ansökan) and not just a planning (planering)?

    3. Does one need to do "Anmäla Föreldrapenning" (press this button on your site) for every day they will apply for föreldrapenning?
  • Hello,
    Thank you for your post.

    There are mainly 4 steps that you need to follow in order to successfully send in your application. After choosing (planning) the days, (Step2-välj dagar) you need to continue with the complementary questions (Step3-kompletterande frågor). The last step is the control and sign (Kontrollera och signera). That means that you “apply”.

    Once you send in your application, you receive a confirmation mail.

    In order to double check if we the application has been received, you can go to “My Profil” and under Cases (Ärende) you would see your application as pdf. There you can see which days you filled in.

    It is enough to register (anmäla) once, you do not need to press the button “anmäl” for every day.

    If you have further questions you can call our customer service to get help with your application.

    Best regards,
    Özge Administrative officer
  • Hi Özge,

    Thank you for your reply and helpful information. Hmm, I did not get a confirmation mail and there is no PDF under my Cases (Ärende).

    I am assuming that it did not go through then? I pressed "sign", but maybe the browser (Chrome) session timed out.

    I will try the same steps again and if it does not work, will call customer service.

    Appreciate your help!
  • Apologies, one more question.

    I am currently on 100% parental leave, meaning I work 0% of my ordinary work hours. When I write 0% next to "Jag jobbar ... % av min ordinarie arbetstid", the application does not proceed with a message popping up that I need to fill this in.

    This is confusing ("fyll in hur många procent du arbetar av ditt ordinarie arbete"). All the examples given on your site assume a person is partially working and partially on parental leave. What does a person who is working 0% of their ordinary work hours (on parental leave 100%, 5 days a week) write?
  • Hi;

    To sign your application you need to open BankID on your phone or your computer and enter your personal password. If you do not go through that step your application will not go through to us.

    The answer to your question regarding the percentage of working time depends on the circumstances. I would recommend you to call us on 0771-524 524 (choice '8' for English) for information about how you should fill it in in your specific case.

    Best regards;
  • Hi, Could you please help me with the following question. I am on probation period and have my 4th month of work. Before that I had a 3 months gap between my former and current job. And in total for this year I have more income than 117000Sek. Please tell if I need to work now 6months in total or 8months in total to be able receive the parental benefit? And what happens if I do not get my contact prolonged after 6months probation (because of my pregnant status) Will I be able to get a parental benefit still based on my salary? Thank you in advance!
  • Thank you for your post. The Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) has limited abilities to answer questions related to individual cases since this is a public forum. We therefore request you to contact our customer center to get answer to your questions by calling telephone number:
    0771 524 524

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00 am — 3.00 pm

    Best regards,
    Gobdine Administrative officer

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