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How can I combine my studies, CSN and parental benefit? Will my income be protected?

Parental benefit and CSN (Original title)


Case: I worked full time from august 2016 until august 2017 and after I started a full time distance MA at Stockholm University. I took CSN for the 1st semester (August 2017-January 2018) and on 4rd of March 2018 I should give birth.

1. What income will be taken into consideration? I read that my SGI is protected because I started school with CSN so I should take 80% from the income I had before I started the MA. Is that correct?
2. Can I continue studying? I read that I can continue studying while I am taking parental benefit as long as there are distance studies. Is that accurate?
3. If I continue studying can I apply for both parental leave and CSN? In case I want to be paid only 50% from parental benefits, can I apply for 50% CSN as well while I stay home with the child? How will this affect my parental benefit? I will have more days but with 50%, or I will loos my days if I take 50% CSN?
ex: I have 240 days 100% paid. If I want to be paid 50% there will be 480 days. If I take CSN in the same time, will that affect my days?

Thank you!


  • Hi;

    1. If you protected your income during the whole time after the end of your employment, your parental benefit payments could be based on the income you had when you worked.

    Your income is protected as long as you study with support with CSN, but it is important that there are no 'gaps' between the end of your work and the beginning of your studies, or between the end of your studies and the beginning of your maternity leave. If there is a gap between the day when your studies end and your first day of maternity leave it is important that you register with Arbetsförmedlingen during that time to keep protecting your qualifying income.

    2. The rule is that if your studies allow you to look after your child, then you can receive parental benefit. This applies to distance studies.

    3. When the child is born you have the right to 240 full days of parental leave. If you apply for them at 50% then you can take out 480 days instead, regardless of whether you receive support from CSN. However, it is possible that your payment from CSN might be reduced due to the parental benefit that we pay to you - you can contact CSN if you have questions about this aspect.

    Best regards
  • Hej again,

    I applied for CSN the next day after I didn't had a job. So, I saved in the beginning my SGI (worked until 31.08.2017, took CSN from 28.08.2017 until 15.01.2018). I should give birth on 3.04.2018.
    The problem is that I went to Försäkringskassan 2 times, informed that I am studying at a 2 years MA program with CSN for the 1st semester and pointed out that there are distance courses. I asked about my SGI and if I can take CSN while I am on parental benefit in the situation mentioned above (distance courses).

    The first employee made a call and told me that I can apply for the 2nd semester for CSN but I will be entitled to take it only until I start to take parental benefit and after I will have to pay back because I cannot take both of them. I asked "what will happen with my SGI if my 1st semester CSN will end before I give birth and I will not apply for the 2nd semester for CSN  and there are days between (15.01.2017 until the day of birth 3.04.2018)" and she told me that it "doesn't matter because I am protected by the '6 months rule' which protects my SGI".

    After 2 weeks I went back to Försäkringskassan with my sambo and the employee told us that I cannot take CSN while I am on parental benefit.
    I specified all the time that I have distance courses.

    Unfortunately, it seems that there is a lack of information or the laws are overlapping when it comes to distance courses, CSN and parental benefits and this might affect my parental benefit now! What should I do? I applied for CSN today, but there is a week between the 1st semester and the 2nd semester.
  • Hi;

    The six months' rule only applies to people who stop working within six months of a baby's birth. Regarding studies that end prior to giving birth, a previous legal case (KRNS - decision 69-1998) stated that a person in this situation may have a protected SGI less than two months before the birth. If there is a gap of three months between the end of your studies and the day you give birth, we would definitely recommend that you register with Arbetsförmedlingen.

    Regarding taking parental benefit while you study, our rule says that if the studies are set up so that the parent can still look after the child, parental benefit can be paid out. The condition therefore is that you are together with your child for the time that you receive parental benefit. If you are able to do so while studying a distance course, then you can receive parental benefit from us.

    As I mentioned yesterday, your income from CSN does not affect your payments of parental benefit. But parental benefit might count as an income for CSN, so you should check with them if your payments will be reduced for the time you receive parental benefit.

    Best regards;
  • Hello,

    I have started to study with CSN in august 2017 (a 2 year MA degree, distance courses) and gave birth on 12.03.2018. All this time I was able to take both CSN and parental leave but I choose to save my parental leave days.
    My baby is filling 1 year next month but I am still enrolled in my last university semester with CSN (January-june 2019).

    1. As much as I understood, the general rule says that after the baby fills 1 year old you should take parental benefit minimum 5 days per week in order to safe your SGI. Is this applying also for those that are studying full time with CSN or not?
    2. What if I will not be able to finish my thesis (and CSN will want the money back) and I didn't applied for parental benefit minimum 5 days per week (relying on the fact that SGI is safe with CSN)? I will lose SGI or not (because I initially had CSN)?
    3. My child will go to kindergarden in the same time my last semester finishes and I was wondering if I have to register for Arbetsförmdlingen or can I continue to take parental days?

    Thank you,

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your question.
    1. That general rule about when you child turns 1 year does not apply for the ones who study full time with CSN.
    2. Since September 2018, there are new rules about SGI protection for the ones who study. You can protect your SGI by studying on an educational program that entitles you to a student grant/loan at least 50%, irrespective of whether you actually take student grants/loans. The previous situation insisted that it was also necessary to receive a student grant/loan.
    3. Please check this tread for your 3.question
    And kindly observe that this is a public forum and we answer the questions in general.

    Best regards,
    Özge Administrative officer
  • Hi,

    I just started my Orientation Week at University. I am a full-time Master Student (on campus courses).
    I have some little concerns that I may be pregnant (not sure yet).
    The thing is that I work for a company full time, but I have chosen to work just 50% during my studies and I have also applied for CSN.
    My question is if I did worked full time before CSN and I still work part-time during my studies.. if the term for birth would be around when I finish my universitary year, how the maternity leave would work? Would be calculated the income only from work from during my studies or would be cumulated with CSN? Or would be calculated based on my income prior CSN?
    Thank you!
  • Hello Adriana,
    thank you for your post.
    SGI is an abbreviation for sjukpenninggrundande inkomst, which is the Swedish phrase for sickness benefit qualifying income. It is used to calculate how much parental benefit you can receive at the sickness benefit level.
    Försäkringskassan calculates your SGI by looking at your annual income. Your SGI is usually based on your current annual income. But, your SGI can also be based on earlier income, for example if you had an income before becoming a student or unemployed.
    You may also find this thread helpful: Parental benefit and CSN
    Kind regards,

    Fredrik Administrative officer
  • Hej Fredrik,

    First of all thanks for your answer.
    The thing isI don’t know if CSN is calculated as an income and this is my question.
    I do understand the SGI can be based on earlier income, but I still work 50% during my CSN.In this case, which income would be taken in consideration?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. The income from CSN studies is not included in the calculation of the sickness benefit qualifying income (SGI). It is only income from a employment which is considered for compensations.

    Best regards,
    Adem Administrative officer

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