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Parental benefit and Child allowance while abroad for three months

I am on Maternity leave from February 2017 to February 2018. I would like to travel to India for a period of three months for vacation from October mid to January mid.

I will be back to Sweden in January.

Can I still receive the parental benefits and child allowance during this period while I am abroad?


  • Hello Ani,

    Yes, you can receive parental benefits and child allowance if you are abroad for vacation during those three months.

    However, please be advised that, you need to contact Försäkringskassan if you plan to be in a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland longer than 6 months.

    Best regards,
  • If someone is working for 5 months and has a 75% contract which expires, in which of the three levels should he apply for parental leave?And what difference does it make if weekends are included or not?
  • Hello,

    You can find part of the answer to your question in the older thread here.

    You apply always for the parental benefit at the S level for the first 180 days of the parental benefit for the child. You can start applying for the L level after you and the other parent have taken 180 S days together.

    If you exclude weekends from your application you'll receive a lower payment. The parental benefit is payed for the exact days you've applyed for.

    It's hard to give you a proper answer on the public forum. In order to receive more specific information regarding your case you can call us 0771 524 524 and press 8 for English.

    Click here for more information about parental benefit.

    Best regards,
  • Thank you!The S level is the one based on the salary I had,which is around 80%?If yes, can I get that amount even if I have worked only 6 months with 75% contract?
  • Hi;

    If you were working in Sweden or another EU/EEA country for 8 months before the birth of the baby you might be able to receive payments at approximately 80% of your current salary. However, we cannot give you a definite answer on this forum, so I would recommend you to make an application for parental benefit and we will give you a decision in the case.

    Best regards;
  • Hello ,
    I have a question I know a Swedish family living abroad outside eu and get child benefit and insurance benefit, is it legal? They left the residency in sweden so the government can't check where they it true that is so easy? Does the home insurance give money every time u have a cut or go to hospital ? I can't get my head around considering that some family make money in this way.....and I know that is true I saw with my own eye....
  • Hello,

    We have limited abilities to answer questions relating to individual cases on this forum. We therefore ask you to contact our customer centre if you have questions related to individual cases, by calling telephone number 0771- 524524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line.

    Best regards

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