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parental benefit when you move to Sweden


I had moved to Sweden in July 2017 and am pregnant now. My husband is here since 2016 and is working. The baby is expected to be delivered in august. I have sent a document stating the expected date of delivery to Forsakringskassan (which was given to me by the midwife).
When I approached Skatteverket, they gave me form 5456 to be sent to Forsakringskassan for registration. I am not working as of now and want to apply for parental benefits from 2 months in advance. Can you please let me know if there is any other form which i need to send to get it. Is it also necessary that my husband should also be registered with Forsakringskassan so that I can avail the benefits.


  • Hello!

    The form that you have received from the Skatteverket is the correct form for the registration. Moreover, the certificate from the midwife acts as a notification for your parental benefit application. Once we have received the maternity certificate, we usually send out a letter containing general information about parental benefits together with a form for the income updates. So, if you have received these documents, please fill in and send them back to us.

    If you have Bank ID or Mobilt Bank ID, you can log in into Mina sidor (My pages) and send the application online.

    Yes, it is necessary that your husband to be registered at Försäkringskassan. He can also send 5456 form in order to register himself at Försäkringskassan.
    For more information please follow this link.

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