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How can the double days be used and how are they deducted?

Double Days (Original title)

Hello ,me and my wife get parental allowance ?when we are staying home together for same child?


  • Hi;

    Before the child turns one you and your wife can take out up to 30 'double days'. These are days in which both you and your wife can stay at home with the baby and get paid at the same time.

    If you have already used your 30 double days, or if your child is more than one year old, then you cannot receive parental benefit for the same time as your wife.

    Best regards;
  • Hi Daniel,
    If we do not take the double days, do we lose the days, or do we still have the same number of days, but we just can't take them at the same time?
  • Hi;

    If you do not take double days you do not lose them. It is just that after the child's first birthday you cannot both receive parental benefit at the same time, but the number of days you have the right to will not change.

    Best regards;

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