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Newly granted residence and work permit and pregnant


I am recently granted a residence and work permit in Sweden. We will be registering in skatevarket and will get a Personnummer. My question is , I had a job abroad as a seafarer but since we knew that I am pregnant, my company cancelled my work assignment due to Medical/pregnancy as it is a high risk job at sea. given I have my personnummer , newly moved and pregnant, do I get any benefits or compensation from forsakeingskassan ? my partner is Swedish citizen . Thank you 


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post.

    First, we need to investigate if you can be covered by the social insurance in Sweden and have right to get social benefits. To be able to do that, as soon as you receive your personal number, you need to send in the form 5456 and the relevant attachments that you see on the page 4. In the additional information, kindly mention that you are pregnant and send in the copy of the pregnancy certificate that you receive from the midwife.

    We recommend you to read this line and about the most common forms of compensations here.

    Best regards,

    Özge Administrative officer

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