New rules in 2019

There are some new rules and rule changes that will be implemented in the New Year. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • From the 1st of January it will no longer be necessary to make a notification of temporary parental benefit (VAB) on the first day that the child is sick. Instead of making a notification first and then an application, you will only need to make the application for the days when you looked after your child, within 90 days of the period you are applying for. The same applies to the 10 days after the birth of the baby - it will no longer be necessary to make a notification, just the application.
  • From February of 2019 the child maintenance payments for children aged between 11 and 14 will be increased. Försäkringskassan will automatically start paying out 1,723 SEK per month instead of the previous amount of 1,573 SEK for these children.
  • From the 1st of January the age limit for free dental care in Sweden is raised to 23. This means that, if you turn 23 in 2019, you may still have the right to free dental care.
  • If you are participating in an activity or introduction programme and you become sick after the 1st of January of 2019, you should notify Arbetsförmedlingen on the first day of sickness and send a doctor's certificate to them.
You can find more information about these and other rule changes in Swedish on this page. If you have more specific questions about these changes you may also call us on 0771-524 524 (choice '8' for English)
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