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Moving to Sweden and possible gap in insurance

I'll be moving to Sweden while keeping my current job in the Netherlands so I'll be working remotely from home in Sweden. My current Dutch health insurance will be stopped once I deregister. But I believe the health insurance in Sweden is tied to getting a personnummer which can take a while. Is there any insurance coverage in during this gap, or do I need to find something like private insurance? As I do not have a personnummer yet I can't find a way to log in on Mina Sidor and start an application. I assume I'll have to fill in form 5456. But my main concern is still the possible gap in insurance.


  • Hello Stef,

    Thank you for your post. As you have correctly stated, the health insurance in Sweden is tied to the social security number (personnummer) and an address in Sweden which is registered by the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). If (before getting a social security number) you would happen to visit a medical center in Sweden, and if you get charged extra as a non-resident, then we suggest that you ask the medical center if they later would be able to reimburse you, after you get your social security number and a registered address in Sweden, if the Tax Agency registers you retroactively as resident from the day that you moved to Sweden.

    Försäkringskassan requests a form 5456 when you for example visit a dental clinic, in order to investigate if you are entitled to be covered by the Swedish social insurance or if you would need to apply for other compensations that are administered by Försäkringskassan. You don't need to fill in form 5456 in order to get access to the health insurance, if you are eventually going to get a social security number from the Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

    Kind regards,

    Semir Administrative officer

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