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What does my European Health Insurance card cover in Sweden if I move as jobseeker?

Moving as a job seeker - EU Health insurance card (Original title)

I'm moving to Sweden as a job seeker, I have health insurance from my home country (Italy). I have read that the EU health insurance card is enough to get health care in Sweden but that Sweden has some different agreements with some EU countries.
What kind of health insurance can I get if I live here for 6 months with the EU card? Can I do a blood test or schedule a visit to an eye doctor and which are the costs?


  • Hello,

    If you are coming to Sweden for 6 months to look for employment and you have a valid EU card from Italy, you will have the right to receive necessary health care in Sweden.

    With the European Health Insurance Card, you pay the same amount for medical care as you would in the country where you live. For this reason,
    you pay the patient's fee yourself. The European Health Insurance Card (EU card) only covers medical care that

    • cannot wait until you return to your home country that issued the card

    • you receive from a care provider connected to the public health care system in the country where you are staying temporarily.

    It is the doctor in another country (in your case in Sweden) that decides if the card can be accepted and the health care that you need regarded as necessary health care that cannot wait until you come back to Italy.

    In case, you find employment in Sweden and you start working here, you will no longer be covered by insurance in Italy and the EU card from Italy will not be valid anymore.

    Please remember also to contact the Insurance Agency in Italy that can issue an EU card to ask how long you can stay abroad to be able to be still covered by the insurance from Italy.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Specialist

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