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Moved to Quebec, Canada, requesting a certificate of sickness insurance

I have recently  moved from Sweden to the province of Quebec, in  Canada. I have applied to be covered for for health insurance. The Regie de l'Assurance Maladie du Quebec,  informs me that Sweden and Canada(Quebec), have a reciprocating health care insurance policy, which would entitle me to immediate health care coverage on moving to Quebec, rather than waiting the 3 month period. The provision being, that I present a, Certificate of sickness insurance  from Sweden. I was not aware that I would need this. They have provided me with a copy of an example, and it would seem the certificate  is issued by the Försäkringskassan.  Can you provide me with a certificate and what information do you require to issue one? I have informed the Skatteverket of my departure from Sweden.


  • Hello,

    Sweden and Québec have an agreement that covers health care. According to this agreement, a person who is resident in Sweden and who is staying in Québec to work, as well as his or her accompanying family members, is entitled to health care from the public health service in Québec. This entitlement also covers employees stationed in Québec and students. A student shall be registered for full-time studies at an educational institution in Québec, which is recognized by the Québec Ministry of Education. Health care is provided on the same terms as for the inhabitants of Québec.

    This agreement applies for stay in Québec of less than a year and is not applicable if a person travels to Québec for the purpose of obtaining health care.

    To obtain health care in Québec, the certificate, together with a certificate on a residence or study permit issued by the Québec Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities (Ministère des Communautés culturelles et de l'lmmigration du Québec ), shall be shown to the competent insurance institution in Québec (Bureau des ententes de sécurité sociale).

    You do not need to send us any information in order to receive this document. Just call our Customer Support on 0771 524 524 (press 8 for English) to order this certificate.

    Best regards,
  • Hey,
    I called the number, but the representative asked me to fill in an e--services  form,
    Data for the study of affiliation
    Uppgifter för utredning av försäkringstillhörighet
    Which I have done, but it is difficult to answer the questions as they seem to relate to someone moving to Sweden not from it. And then call back again, once the form has been processed. 
    It seems that as I had not registered previously while in Sweden with the Forsakringskassen I need to register and de-register. I am now a bit confused. I will try calling back tomorrow.
  • Hello,

    That is correct, you can only get the certificate if you previously registered at Försäkringskassan. We can register you for the time back in time, that is why you should fill in the form as if you would be moving to Sweden.

    Please send us the form 5456 „Uppgifter för utredning av försäkringstillhörighet” and in point 10 write which certificate you would like to receive. Together with this form attach copies of your previous Swedish employment contracts and the copy of the decision from Migration Board regarding your residence permit „uppehålltillstånd” (but only if you are coming from a country outside of EU).

    The form 5459 „Uppgifter vid flyttning till eller arbete i ett annat land” (Information about moving to or working in other country) should be send so that the social insurance transition will be executed in the right way.

    Keep in mind that you can only receive the certificate if you are a resident of Sweden, you are registered at Försäkringskassan and your stay in Quebec will not be longer than one year.

    Best regards,

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