Mistake on sick repot

Good evening.
Please I have been  sick since 2 October 2018.
I wanted to sind a sick report to Försäkringskassan about my absence from my activity on 2 October.But i mistakenly sent the sick report midnight so the date on it is 3 October and not 2 October.
Please what should I do to solve the problem?
                               Thank you.
Phylis Aba Koomson Report inappropriate content


  • Hello Phylis,

    The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has limited abilities to answer questions relating to individual cases on this forum. Please contact our Customer Centre for private individuals on the telephone number 0771-524 524 and press 8 for assistance in English in order to get information about your ongoing case. Our Telephone lines are open the following hours: Monday - Friday 8.00am - 4.00 pm.

    Best regards
  • Kan du informera oss i allmänhet hur kan någon ändra rapporten efter att ha skickats
    Mouhammad Bashir Sinno
  • Hello,

    Since this forum is in English I suggest that you visit our Swedish forum here where you can get answers to you general questions.

    Best regards,


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