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Can I get compensated for the first qualifying sick day if I am sick often?

Missed Work for Testing and Now Have a Diagnosis (Original title)

Hello, I am a teacher who has lived in Sweden for 3 years with my Swedish fiance. I am very new to this system and he has not had to use it so he cannot help. I have missed many days in the last few months because we have been working to diagnose an illness. I now have an official diagnosis. 3 of these days were full days for testing this month and because they were not consecutive days (because you have to wait for results and then get sent to a new test) then I lost pay for all three of those days because they were seen as regular qualifying sick days. But I'm not technically missing for general sickness, I am missing for registered doctors testing. After the testing, I underwent a biopsy surgery and missed work and was sjukskrivan for 10 days. As a result of this surgery, I now have a diagnosis and will continue to miss more days for new tests, doctor appointments, and eventually a new surgery- all of which will not be consecutive days because you need to wait for appointment times. I have lost 4800kr so far for all of this and I am still not done. Is there anything I can do to stop having to pay for the first qualifying day? Is there anyway to get money back for the 3 days I have paid so far as qualifying days? I have a doctor note saying that I missed those days for testing and was unable to work. I read something about high-risk protection and preventative care protection- do any of these apply to me? Please let me know what I can do as on top of paying for the appointments in the beginning (now I am on the frikort) and losing a fourth of my paycheck for this month, I am not only worried about my diagnosis, but now my finances. Please help me in any way that you can! Thank you so much!


  • Hello Kelly!

    In your situation you might be eligible to receive Preventive sickness benefit for employees (Förebyggande sjukpenning för anställda). The purpose of the compensation is that you do not have any qualifying days. You receive money from the first day you miss work instead.

    You can find information about the compensation and how to apply here.

    Best regards,

  • Hello! Thank you for the reply! Is this something I can apply for that will compensate the days I've already lost pay or will it only cover future days? Also- will my future days count for this now that I have a diagnosis or will that be transfered to another type of coverage? I really appreciate your reply!

  • Hello again!

    Preventive sickness benefit is valid from the day you will receive decision, it means that Försäkringskassan can not compensate the days that you have already lost.

    You apply for future treatment period that you wish to receive compensation for. After you have received the decision, you must send in a declaration indicating which days you underwent treatment. This is called Declaration regarding preventive sickness benefit. Once we have received your declaration, we will pay you for the days you were unable to work because you were undergoing treatment.

    Best regards,

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